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Pluto is an online community for the passionate and curious.
Our aim is to inspire face-to-face connection.

“Development of the Pluto platform has been put on hold. Ultimately, we weren’t able to build the right product but we learned a ton. It can’t be done for now, but we’re not convinced it shouldn’t be done. Stay tuned.

– The Pluto Team

Here’s what we were working on

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Pluto is a place where amazing conversations happen on demand. We don’t want you to have to wait around for magic moments – log on and connect.

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Our algorithm lets you choose from carefully selected members of the Pluto community. Tell us what you want to talk about and we’ll help you find your people.

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Conversations on Pluto turn into connections that go beyond the screen. Experience a deeper level of connection compared to what you’ve come to expect online.

Why we started Pluto

We started Pluto because we believe that social networks could use a more human touch. Never before have we been so connected, but never before have some people felt so alone. We’re here to fix that. We’re creating a place where members can have conversations about anything and everything, in a safe space, free of judgment. Our mission is to improve the way people connect online.

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